The Mentors

Dahlia Ayoub

My name is Dahlia Ayoub, and i’m a self taught film photographer based in Prague. My background in film and graphic design have influenced the evolution of my visual composition and storytelling techniques. I like to photograph things around me. I find myself constantly composing frames, I look for colors, mundane things that suddenly look magical, to expose everyday people and bring them to light. I like to capture things as they were in the moment without influence but rather an observer of the spectacle. I find comfort in knowing my camera is on me, just in case something happens around me.

Lauri saksa

Lauri Saksa has not stopped taking street pictures everyday for seven years, and it will take more than a bomb to stop him. Lauri loves people of all shape and colors, and is keen to capture the weird and wonderful things that they get up to. His hunt for the next picture has taken him to many unexpected places and moments, in many different parts of the world. His camera is never further than 20 cm from his hand, ready to capture the unforeseeable. Apart from being a street photographer, he also currently he teaches cinematography at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek. Lauri also makes short films, documentaries and commercials.

Why we're doing this

We’ve studied master photographers and spent years walking thousands of kilometers observing life and finding our own ways of capturing what we see and developing our unique visions in street photography. Now the time has come to share that knowledge with aspiring street photographers who are ready to take the next step in expressing their own story through their pictures.


Street Photography Prague offers each student a free pre-course portfolio review and an individualized study program before during and after the course. Having two instructors in every workshop we are able to handcraft the program specifically for each student. We have limited the group sizes to eight students to ensure that we are able to cater to everyone’s individual needs.


Our background in analog photography has helped us slow down, and spend more time observing and less time shooting, resulting in frames that are closer to the decisive moment. Not having a screen to examine the pictures has forced us to get closer to our subjects and connect with them at a deeper level, handcrafting each frame with great care. On a technical level film has a higher dynamic range than digital, capturing photos with more colors and variations, making the pictures closer to how we see them with our own eyes.


Photography is life, and in life sometimes you have to stop and think before you move forward. We invite you to learn how to take more meaningful photos, with the equipment you already have. Gear is the biggest distraction, and your skills are the solution.



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