JULY 30th 2016

One day course

This workshop is designed to help you overcome your fear of taking photos, and to learn the basics of composition, lighting, and techniques for staying invisible. It consists of a variety of exercises, theory and guided street photography.


You will be given individual attention based on the photos you send us before the workshop.


This course is taught by Lauri and Dahlia and includes the following:

Philosophy of street photography

Learn about the social significance of street photography, and why you should feel great about stealing people's photons to tell a unique story.


Techniques for invisibility

We will work to turn your fear for approaching strangers into confidence in your street photography. Learn how to capture the moments and interactions that fascinate you while projecting positive energy and inspiring your subjects with your curiosity.


Camera technology

We strongly believe that a great photographer can take a great picture with any camera. As Andre Kertesz says, technique is in the blood. Our goal is to teach you how to drive the camera you have like pro, and be prepared to capture the decisive moment.


Street photography shooting styles

This section of the course will introduce you to various different styles of shooting street photography, and we will help you to find your own way to express yourself with the camera.



Composition, the act of combining, is crucial for us. We will teach you to visually organize your frames to maximize their emotional impact.



Learn how to make the most out of any lighting situation in street photography. Our goal is to help you embrace lighting as a story telling tool for your photography.


The group size is limited to eight students and taught by Dahlia and Lauri to ensure that we are able to cater to your individual needs.


The price of this course is 2000 CZK.


We are extremely confident that you will benefit from this course. Therefore as a testament to our values, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied!




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